Friday, December 2, 2011

Sexy Sporty Spot UV

I love print outcomes that are a bit special. I was so chuffed when this little beauty came back from the printer with it's super sexy Spot UV varnish. Have been really enjoying designing for Victoria University's research division - Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL). Am posting this brochure to my brother who is a Sports Science Professor and Olympic Coach. Maybe he might actually 'get' what I did with my 'arty farty'...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Excerpt Magazine Launch

Burning the midnight oil is something I have become accustomed to of late. The design and Creative Direction of Excerpt Magazine is just one of my moonlighting activities. This experience has given me the chance to work with some really amazing thinkers, artists, writers and risk takers. Teaming up with editor Amy Marjoram has been a joy. Being an Aquarius, Amy is prone to zingy cerebral late night space walks, and other manifestos. There is no end to her energy and enthusiasm.

The launch of Excerpt Magazine a few weeks ago, has been a huge success so far. Last time I checked back end stats we had more than 3000 people download the magazine. Upward ever upward!

Thank you Dan Page for this review in broadsheet. Click here to read review 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sarah Watt (30 Aug 1958 – 4 Nov 2011)

It's hard not to sound full of wafty sentimental hyperbole when referring to the life of Sarah Watt. As a writer, Sarah was eloquent and incisive - never one to dance around the things that I will keep this brief.

The things that matter? Sarah mattered to me.  Last week Sarah Watt lost her battle with cancer. A battle she tackled with dignity and grace.

On our birthday - (we share the same date of August the 30th) we did a painting swap. In true Sarah Watt honesty, she told me she was extremely reluctant to give me her 'favourite piece'. Yesterday at the ACMI memorial this work was also featured in her montage.  It must have been special to her.

It makes me so sad that she is gone. But I have this great canvas...

Full of a strange joy.

 Copyright Sarah Watt  2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Shoe Fits

Being an earth sign I've always loved comfy shoes that place me close to the ground. Birkenstock have a rep for producing the highest quality and most comfortable shoes in the world, with a a strong environmental/sustainable platform to boot. This catalogue was produced with a debossed cover on recycled stock for a sophisticated and understated look and feel. I was also able to weave in some simple didactic illustrations. A great project hot off the press.

We are the Champions

I was really excited when Gymnastics Australia came to us requesting a revamp. Sports photography is so dynamic to work with on a compositional level. Take a look at some of the Event Branding and Annual Reports I've been working on this week.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Eat My Shorts

I have been keeping my writing skills up by enrolling in a Short Story course at CAE. As somewhat of a  cyber-narcissist, I have decided to publish my Stories each week. In the first weeks story "The Spaces Between Them' I had to change the gender of the protagonists - as the writing teacher insisted it was a female voice coming through... and that male painters would never use the colour pink. (?) So here it is - Eat My Shorts -

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Earning a Lil'Quid

Hello fans, creeps...mum...the faithful handful of people that read this blog. Just wanna apologise for my lack of entries. Have been doing some serious bread-winning of late. Working on a beaut catalogue for Birkenstock shoes and other creatively sustaining graphic design projects - all top secret. Have teamed up with Sue Palmer at Liquid, and it's been a wonderful experience to work with a Creative Director with such an earthy, non-arrogant demeanour.  Am working in a beautiful sunlit studio that was once an old auto-mechanics in North Melbourne.

PS - for those disappointed by my lack of consolidated squiggles...don't worry...will be sharpening my pencils for a cartooning workshop stay tuned.